How to Start Investing in Cryptocurrency


Indeed, cryptocurrencies have grown in importance over the years, and today they are no less than an investment asset. As a beginner, you may find it difficult to get started as the currency is not regulated. However, if you know what to do and how to do it, you can still get to the top.

How to start investing in cryptocurrencies.

Important first. Investing in cryptocurrencies is completely different from investing in stocks. Investing in stocks at least reassures you that you are investing in a company that provides returns for shareholders. However, with cryptocurrency, it is simply a digital asset with no intrinsic value.

Like any other asset, the value of cryptocurrencies depends on supply and demand. Prices go up when the market goes up. The price increase was also affected by the increase in limited supply. However, if supply is constrained, prices will drop.

For a deeper understanding, you can try reading the white paper published by the cryptocurrency team. Just make sure you don't invest in currencies that have already injected too much money. When the cryptocurrency has already been pumped, there is little room for potential growth.

How to start investing in cryptocurrencies.

Once you've done your research, it's time to start trading. However, you must first open an account with a cryptocurrency exchange. There are many there. Below are some of the famous cryptocurrency exchanges.

• Binance

• coins

• Robin Hood

• soft

Once you have established an account with one of the coin exchanges listed above, your next step is to fund your account with fiat currency. Trading works the same as stocks. Your buy request matches someone else's sell request at the same price.

However, buying cryptocurrencies is the easiest part. The real battle begins when you need to factor in volatility. Of all assets, cryptocurrencies are the most volatile. However, you can avoid risk by diversifying your investments. This will save you from consequences if something goes wrong.

Here are some currencies that beginners can consider.


It is one of the oldest yet most mature cryptocurrencies. As a beginner at the beginning, this might be a good starting point as all exchanges support it.


As a beginner, Etherium is very capable of giving you the edge you need. The currency uses the Ethereum blockchain to execute contracts. However, no central authority is involved.

The Bottom Line.

As a beginner, cryptocurrencies seem to be a lucrative investment option. While there is some truth to it, it is conditional. You have to look for different factors such as: B. Market volatility and risk assessment are the most profitable investment opportunities only if they are correct.