What crypto wallet should you use?


If you've finally decided to try cryptocurrency, it's time to start getting to know crypto wallets. Wallets are an indispensable tool for cryptocurrency transactions. You need them to protect your crypto assets. In addition, the wallet also verifies transaction information.

In the following lines, we will discuss the different types of crypto wallets and which one is best for you.

Here are some of the best crypto wallets.

1. Coinbase 

If you are just starting out, this Coinbase crypto wallet is your best bet. It has a very interactive, user-friendly interface. This allows users, especially beginners, to browse the options without getting confused. Apart from that, the wallet supports up to 500 cryptocurrencies including all the popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin and more

Also, the wallet is very secure and has multiple security features. It offers multi-signature and 2-factor authentication for a faster user experience for beginners.

That being said, it has a downside. The exchange is only compatible with mobile phones and tablets. It doesn't work with desktop browsers.


2. Electrum 

This crypto wallet also has a beginner-friendly interface and is very easy to set up. Also, it is a better and safer option than all other hot wallets combined. The wallet also offers customizable transaction fees that you won't find in other wallets.

Like other wallets, this wallet has significant disadvantages. It does not support strong cryptocurrencies. Apart from Bitcoin, you will not find any other currency in the trading list.

3. Mycelium 

If you like to trade on your mobile screen, Mycelium Crypto Wallet is your best choice. The wallet offers some of the best security and transaction features. It allows users to customize their transaction fees by giving them 4 levels of payment variables.

Compared to others, this crypto wallet is not beginner friendly. Safety parameters are not very high either.


4. Exodus

This wallet is the best of its kind. The wallet hosts transactions for over 145 cryptocurrencies, making it a highly sought-after platform among crypto traders.

Additionally, the wallet is compatible with Trezor T and Trezor 1 hardware wallets, which you won't find in many of its kind. The wallet also supports Apple Pay to buy Bitcoin.

Although the wallet is profitable, it also has some disadvantages. It has one of the highest transaction fees. Security is also a bit compromised as there is no 2-factor authentication.

The Bottom Line.

Crypto wallets play a vital role in verifying your transactions. You must choose the one that best suits your interests. If you are a beginner, Coinbase will guide you. However, the choice of cryptocurrency always depends on one’s goals and objectives.